The Yellow Submarine

Submarine Sound’s The Yellow Submarine, is an under construction mixing stage and sound design studio in the east of Amsterdam. The construction is due to finish on June 1st 2024.

The studio will feature a 7.1 sound system by Genelec and it’s ready for 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos in the future. The mixing desk consists of an 2x AVID S1, AVID Dock combo. A high end JVC projector will translate the image with perfection to a 110 inch acoustically transparent projector screen.

The studio runs on Pro Tools with countless plugins. A full list will be published once the studio is finished.

The room will be built by a former sound engineer and now professional contractor. The room will be built with a box-in-box construction, so It’ll be completely separated from the rest of the world for optimal concentration and control. There will be a ventilation system that’s capable of refreshing the air inside the studio every three minutes without producing any sound.

The room will be acoustically treated with elegant and effective absorption and reflection, so you can mix with confidence.

The studio will be approximately 12 square meters, so on the small side. That make it perfect for near-field mixing and far-field pre-mixing. With the right ear, the studio can also function for far-field mixing.

The Yellow Submarine features a full kitchen, lunch area, bathroom and everything you need for working long days. There’s a supermarket around the corner and parking is available at only €1,50 per hour in the middle of Amsterdam.

Feel free to contact us via for any questions!